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A weighted lap pad

Weighted blankets, lap pads and other items can be helpful for kids with sensory issues.  In this case a little possum with autism needs a lap pad so that she can sit on the sofa with her siblings and watch TV or listen to a story without soooo much wriggling and kicking that it becomes unbearable to everyone else.   A very tolerant family cat used to have the same effect when he sat on her lap, but unfortunately the cat is no more :(.

The pad weighs about 3kg (small cat weight) and measures about 70cm x 55cm.  It is filled with poly pellets, which means that it is washable.   I strip-pieced the top from cotton fabric (leftovers from the little possum’s own dresses so that the fabric is familiar), the backing is a luxurious pink fleece (my house now looks like a pink snowstorm has been through, as it sheds horribly when being cut!).  I bound it using satin ribbon.

This way the pad, not only has the nice weight, but is also very tactile and ‘strokeable’ – a sensory feast for someone who needs constant sensory input.

As you can see, my Baby Possum’s hippo had to try it out before it was given to its new owner!


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