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Late Summer Colours

Gordon St, Footscray may not be quite what jumps to mind if you are thinking of gorgeous colours.  Let’s face it, it’s a little run down in places and doesn’t have much by way of stunning architecture or astounding landmarks.

However, the last few weeks, I’ve been driving up and down Gordon St in Maribyrnong/Footscray quite a lot (oodles of appointments for some reason) and I have been captivated by the colours.  Maribyrnong City council have planted crepe myrtles in a variety of colours along the road and it has been a visual feast of shades of pink, lilac and cream on a background of the greens and browns of the trunks and leaves.

I’m not usually a pink and lilac kinda gal, but I do love the ways in which colours work together and these were too beautiful to pass by (maybe I’m softening in my old age?).

I’ve been short of a crochet project to work on and I could just see these colours as a beautiful stripy blanket.  So I ordered some yarn and have started on a cosy stripe blanket.  This won’t be a quick make – the last blanket took me 8 months, but it is fun colour stuff which can be done without too much brain work.



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