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A season …

We seem to be going through a season when everything needs replacing (anything with a plug on the end of it anyway).  In the last 2 weeks I seem to have spent much of my time shopping, either online or in KMart, various appliances; electric blankets, kettle, DVD player (disaster, as it died when all the children were home sick from school!) …

From a sewing point of view I am currently missing some essentials.  Both my electric sewing machines are in for repair (a dud batch of denim needles meant that I knocked the timing out on both of them and Nick Ciancio is determined to do a proper job on sorting out all their little quirks while he’s got them: “they sound like a bag of loose bolts, both of them, we need to sort them out”).  I am therefore relying on my trusty straight stitch Singer 201 treadle and my overlocker, which covers most things, but I have a few knit tops  waiting on twin-needle ability to hem them.  Hopefully I’ll have at least one machine back early next week.

Almost more of a disaster is the demise of our iron.  Over its 10 year life it has moved continents, had its plug changed, been dropped by Big P, been flooded with water by Big P (thank goodness for modern circuit boards), been used to steam old veneer off my treadle cabinet … and generally had a hard life.  It finally rebelled and started tripping the circuit-breaker every time it was plugged in.  I have ordered a new one, but the wisdom of AusPost’s new take on non-express parcels and postage means that although it was ordered on Wednesday morning and left a warehouse somewhere in Melbourne early yesterday (Thursday) morning, it won’t now get to me before Tuesday at the earliest …. ????

Please can nothing else kick the bucket – my bank balance and sanity are being tested!


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