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“Mama Possum” is the name given to me by my youngest ‘baby’ possum.  Not so young now, she has just started school, so I now have the opportunity to “make” in a more concentrated way.

I live in Williamstown, Melbourne with my four ‘little possums’ and my husband.  I started making clothes for my children (especially my 2 girls) when I couldn’t find what I wanted for them in the shops.  I wanted:

  • fun colours (and something other than pink for girls, although some pink can be fun!)
  • ‘pretty’ clothes: things my children want to wear and feel good in
  • hard wearing clothes (my children are tough on clothes)
  • practical clothes (tree-climbing while dressed up as a princess is not unknown round here)
  • dresses and tops with sleeves and good shoulder coverage – I’ve survived Melanoma, I want to protect my children from the same experience

Talking to other mothers (and some fathers) I fond many of my wants echoed, so all of these things are reflected in the clothes that Mama Possum Makes.


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