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Weighted Lap Pads*

Great for children (and adults!) with sensory issues who are calmed by weight and pressure.  Designed to be the weight of a small cat (approx 3kg), these pads/blankets are also designed to be deliciously tactile, with a fleece underside, satin edging and fabrics in your child’s favoured colours/themes.  Filled with poly-pellets, the pads are washable and are fully lined to prevent the escape of any pellets.

Size: approx 70cm x 55cm.

These pads are made to order, with a 2 week turnaround time.  I am happy to make pads that are lighter and smaller in dimensions.

Option 1  $100: A simple patchwork-pieced top with squares of up to 4 colours/patterns of fabric in 100% cotton


Patchwork squares

Option 2  $80: Top made of a single piece of fabric in 100% cotton

*These should be used under a paediatrician’s or occupational therapist’s advice, pads should not be placed over the user’s face or head, they are designed for use on the lap whilst sitting.

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